Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Apron with Ruffle Fabric

Ruffle Fabric makes a darling, fun, and easy apron skirt.  We love to pair our RUFFLES with fun combinations of cotton fabrics for this tutorial.  This apron is design for 3-5T.  Length can be easily adjusted by adding or subtracting the number of ruffles you use or in the apron bib length.  You will need approximately ¾ yard of cotton fabrics and 1/3 – ½ yard RUFFLES.  We use ¼” seams.  We do not recommend pressing Ruffle Fabric.

From your cotton fabrics cut:
(2) trapezoid bibs – top length 6”, bottom length 11”, height 10.25”
(2) shoulder straps – 18” x 4”
(1) waist band – 19” x 4.5”
(2) waist ties – 22” x 4”

Cut your Ruffle Fabric for the apron skirt-  We use 12 1” ruffles (so your apron length can be easily adjusted if you would like it shorter or longer)  Cut fabric between ruffles, making sure to leave the knit fabric above the top ruffle intact.  We will sew our gathering stitches on the fabric above the top ruffle.  We use the full width of fabric.  Cut selvages off.

Mark Ruffle Fabric into quarters with a pin or tailor tack.

Gather the Ruffle Fabric at the top.  I can do this quickly by increasing my stitch length to a 4-5.

Mark waistband into quarters.

With right sides together, align quarter marks on waistband and Ruffle Fabric.  Make sure waistband extends ¼” past Ruffles for seam allowance on both short sides.  Make sure the waistband covers your gathering stitches.  Adjust gathers to be evenly spaced on waistband.  Pin and stitch in place.  *I have found it easiest to have your cotton fabric on the bottom and your ruffles on the top while stitching.  The ruffles have a line in the fabric where you can stitch to make sure your gathering stitches are covered.  If your seam allowance is wider here, don’t worry!  We have allowed a little extra.

Waist ties:

Fold waist tie in half lengthwise with right sides together.  Press.  Sew one long side and one short side of tie.  Turn right side out and press.  Topstitch along edges.  Repeat for other tie.

Match raw edge of waist tie to the raw edges of the waistband.  Pin ties to waistband, just above Ruffles, with ties toward the middle of the skirt.  Fold top of waistband over ties so they are sandwiched by the waistband.  Sew in place, stopping just at the RUFFLE skirt.  Open waistband and press top edge of waistband.


Shoulder straps:

Fold in ¼” on one short side.  Press.  Press each shoulder strap in half lengthwise, right sides out.  Open fold and fold both long raw edges into the center press mark.  Press again.  Finally, fold along original press line and press again.  Topstitch around each side.  Repeat for other strap.

Pin shoulder straps to top of one apron bib, right sides together, raw edges together, ¼” from the sides of the apron bib.

Place second apron bib on top of shoulder straps with right sides together, the shoulder straps will be sandwiched between the apron bib pieces. 

Sew sides and top of apron.  Turn and press.  Topstitch the top and sides of the bib.

Place skirt front side down.  Place bib front side down.  Match centers of bib and waistband and align raw edges.  

Fold raw edges under along the waistband.  Pin in place.  Top stitch the waistband, making sure to catch the raw edges on the back of the waistband and apron pieces. Press the waistband again.


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